Coil Cuff
Protecting Your Product Down the Road
The Coil Cuff product line is constructed out of a High Impact Strength plastic with excellent abrasion resistance that makes this product a high quality performer in all types of applications.

The product was developed and tested to provide "Total Elimination" of the follow concerns and related issues.
A) Inner Core Damage
B) Coil Face Damage
C) Telescoping of Coils
D) Chain Slippage

Product offering: Per I.D Coil Sizes
Coil Cuff - 14" - 19"   I.D
Coil Collar - 19" - 26"  I.D

Please feel free to contact us for pricing based on your needs.

The Coil Cuff product line offers owners of hauling companies to Independent truck owners a reusable and inexpensive way to safely chain your loads down and save money,plus time.
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716-462-4000 / Fax 731-1190
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2122 Cory Drive
Made in the USA
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